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Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Reflection Of The Exhibition

My observation about the exhibition is that I am sure that I would be nervous. I showed the visitors about our booth. They asked hard questions at the booth. Me and my group presented a Keynote about our trip to Sumbawa. At the second booth Isfan had made a mine in Sketchup which he made it as similar as he could to the real thing. I, Emeertio, and Eun Ah presented about Isfan’s mining Sketchup. Emeertio exaplined about the mine and I told about the working shifts and Eun Ah told about the trucks. Ms.Melda helped us to make the booth displays.


The grade 4’s questions were kind of hard but we answered some of their questions. Our parents also saw our presentation. We had to explain what they asked, and the teacher in the school also asked some questions to us. The grade 2 came to us and they asked some funny questions one of the grade 2 asked “ What is the color of the gold?” and then one of his friend’s shouted “Of course it is gold”. At the end we played are you smarter than a 5th grader? We won and we also get Jco donuts it was so much fun!










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